´THE FOREST KEEPERS´ The story behind the healing forest

One day the bears woke up knowing something had to be done.


They heard a thumping sound and then silence invaded the forest.

They stood in front of a fallen giant that still had its roots on the ground.


They gathered all the other animals with a plan to heal the broken tree.


They picked up leaves and placed them on the trunk base, and put the fallen trunk back in place.

All the animals stood still, holding the tree,

with their eyes shut and their hands on the birch.

They knew nature could heal their friend and the leaves would glue the tree back together.

 No matter how much time passed, one day the giant would be fine again.


From that day all the animals in the forest

pledged an alliance to the world.

They changed their routines and habits

to recover the balance of the forest.

Maybe it’s time for us to change as well.


Dedicated to all our leafy friends and furry mates

keeping our planet alive.

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