"LITTLE GARDEN, LITTLE FAUNA" A story that reminds us we can find extraordinary experiences in the ordinary.

There is a little place beside my house,

a very small place where I can lay under the sun and stretch on the lawn.

Where I can crawl under the long weeds and look beneath the garden pots.

Where I can play hide and seek with my tiny Little Friends.

It is here that I find my peace,

in this simple living,

in my very own little garden –

It is here where I can just sit, and just be me in my wonderland.

My friends are tiny little fellows that live underneath all the weeds.

I like to spy on the little worms that stretch to reach their next stop

and I can play with snails and make them crawl a snail race to the finish line.

I can look for little round woodlice, and make them roll,

Or I can mix the flowers, leaves and petals into sweets scents

which later I will put underneath my pillow, to keep dreaming, my garden dream.

Because it is in the ordinary, in the weeds outside my home, that I can find happy times

And it is here, in this weed forest, with my brave little tiny Friends, where I like to be.

For this big big world of ours, it is a bigger world for them,

And yet they do their gigantic chores to keep it spinning.

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