'INNER COMPASS' a story about rhythms and balance in the heart of the Oceans

in your depths we find the answers.
It’s in your rhythm that we must sway
because all the animals that live inside you
have already learned
that in the pendular movement of your waters
lies their true nature.

They listen to the heart inside you
and follow its beating rhythm,
and the currents that are part of you
lead the way to every little or giant animal you hold.

Whales travel in straight lines,
and in the route trace their own paths,
Manta Rays join in a massive migration,
a new cycle of life in the immensity of your waters,
and the Fish in the depth of the ocean
are a reflection of the stars that shine above you;
hence revealing that your silent depths
and the universe are one.
One beat.

It is now our time,
to find our rhythm,
our inner compass,
our inner habitat,
in our hearts,
and in the world we live in.

*Cousteau, we hear you*

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