'SAFARI STAMPEDE' a wildlife story

We are happy to present our SS18 collection 'SAFARI STAMPEDE' a wildlife story. 

Our new story is inspired by wildlife and it takes place in Africa.
It honours all the animals we love and care about.

It’s a story of protest against anyone who harms our animals, damages our nature or destroys our world.
The same world that we share with many living creatures with feelings and rights.

Rhinos, huge elephants, big cats and exotic pangolins are our main characters in this story.

Earth colors, neutral grays alongside a bright yellow are our colors for this season. Simple and comfy little garments from medium and light weight to woven fabric all made of soft and silky pima cotton, complete our message of being against poaching and in favor of animals and nature.

Take a first look and discover more of our story following this link.

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