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Clients who trust us

We understand that trust is earned and not given. Since 2014 we’ve been putting all our creativity into telling heartwarming stories inspired by animals and nature, and our focus on manufacturing the best quality products in the most responsible way for our community and the environment.

Here is a list of clients who have been trusting on us for a few years:

  • Baby Square (British Columbia - Canada)
  • Fiddlesticks (Califonia - United States)
  • Fluff Alpaca (New York - United States)
  • Gron (Pessaro - Italy)
  • Hazel Baby (New Jersey - United States)
  • Ivy Babies (Kuwait)
  • Les Petits Chapelais (New York - USA)
  • Les Ptits Mosus (Quebec - Canada)
  • Little Monsters (Winsconsin - United States)
  • Little Moony (New York - United States)
  • Lucky Wang (New York - United States)
  • Mapamundi Kids (California - United States)
  • Marigold Modern (South Carolina - United States)
  • Mini Jake (New York - United States)
  • Mini-Square (China)
  • Mockingbird (Maine - United States)
  • My Little Sunshine (New York - United States)
  • Neo Concept Store (Lima - Peru)
  • Obebe (Hiroshima - Japan)
  • Pip & Pal (Minnesota - United States)
  • Pow Wow Kids (Bordeaux - France)
  • Rabbit Ladders (California - United States)

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