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About Pima Cotton

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Pima Cotton alias "South American silk"

Pima cotton is also called "South American silk" because it is very fine and its fibres are silky. Pima cotton is a particular type of cotton, it is distinguished from others by its length and the resistance of its fibres. It is softer than other cottons and yet perfectly resistant. It is precisely this softness that makes all the difference when it comes to clothing worn on the babies’ skin.

Pima cotton is a rare variety that represents only 3% of the world's cotton production.

Nowadays, the cotton name Pima is used in honor of the Pima Indians, who were the first to grow this type of cotton in the United States. But the origins of this noble plant are indeed in South America. In Peru, Pima cotton is grown in the coastal valleys of Piura and Chira as it was in ancient times. The climate and fertile soil, seasonal rainfall and long sunny days are ideal conditions for cotton cultivation.

The production of Pima cotton is environmentally friendly

In Peru, the climatic conditions are optimal for Pima cotton, it is not necessary to redraw the map of rivers to irrigate fields.

For thousands of years, Pima cotton has been harvested by hand in the coastal valleys of northern Peru. This natural harvesting process by human hands is environmentally friendly and guarantees the highest quality yarn. This harvesting technique distinguishes it from all other cotton harvested mechanically and industrially. Manual harvesting avoids all impurities and imperfections of a machine harvest.

A resistance to any test

Exceptionally resistant and able to withstand the test of time, Pima cotton was woven by the Incas thousands of years ago. The magnificent sacred blankets that were made at that time are still in existence today, which proves that this cotton is very resistant. In other words, if you buy a Pima cotton garment, you will keep it for a while.

Pima cotton has extremely long fibres. They are often twice as long as those of standard cotton. It should be noted that longer fibres can be braided more, resulting in a stronger and finer yarn. In addition, the fabric remains very resistant, even in cases of high heat and friction. Thanks to Pima cotton, your clothes keep a perfect fit even after several washes.

The benefits are many

  • A noble material: Pima cotton is a noble and rare material. It is still nicknamed "The Silk of South America", for its softness and very silky appearance.
  • Fine and silky: Pima cotton forms a very fine, silky and un-deformable mesh. It is one of the finest cottons in the world. When woven, Pima cotton brings incredible softness and flexibility to clothing. A real pleasure to wear on a daily basis.
  • Flexible and resistant: it’s very long fibre makes it more resistant than cotton grown in North America and, above all, gives it great flexibility. As it is non-deformable, it has a very good fit on the body.
  • Ecological: no fertilizers or chemicals are used to grow it because its flower cannot tolerate pesticides, making it a very healthy and organic material par excellence.
  • Pure and anti-allergic: As it does not tolerate any chemical treatment, Pima cotton is necessarily natural and harvested without treatment. Therefore, non-allergenic for sensitive skin.
  • Absorbent and insulating: cotton fibre can absorb up to 8.5% of its weight in water, which allows your skin to breathe well and naturally!
  • Regulation: Pima cotton retains the heat of the body well, while regulating it. It retains the warmed air in contact with the body and keeps warm, while absorbing excess moisture (or perspiration, even if we never sweat) for optimal comfort.

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