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When we look farther into the universe

Far beyond the winter mist
lies a landscape of wonders untold,
where old stories are full of ancient wisdom
and make our inner universe unfold.

The rabbit, shy and fluffy,
hides in the rice fields at night.
However, when called upon, it will boldly leap
to save a life with all its might.

The crane, seemingly frail,
has strength and courage no one can beat.
Once to protect its family,
it wove a beautiful cloth.

The fox is sly and cunning.
It can transform itself in any form it wishes,
both to protect and challenge;
it can teach us our inner potential.

The snow monkey, caring and kind,
although it cannot change shape like the rest,
teaches us when you are with your loved ones,
a rough environment becomes pleasing.

This is a story of transformation,
of life-changing in every moment.
Life is our constant creation
and can be transformed in a blink.

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